Stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals is our area of expertise. We offer welding services or full project realisation, according to your needs. To ensure perfect quality we implemented different welding technologies. Tungsten inert gas welding - TIG, Metal Inert Gas - MIG, Metal Active Gas - MAG, Laser welding is our technologies that we use daily. Our equipment and used technology allow us to weld different metals and thickness, starting from 0.5 and up to 60mm, but those numbers is not a limit for us. Even Aluminium with Mild steel we can easily weld together for experiment purpose.
Just welding services or ready – “Plug and Play” machinery, doesn't matter for us. We focused on the quality for each project and order. During the years we successfully realised various projects: processing equipment, screw conveyors, conveyors, automation equipment. Received experience for food, feed, wood, mining and other industries. Our own ready-made design for self-made screw conveyors, conveyors, hoppers (buffers) and other standard products. Our experience personal can help you to improve drawings, design and technology of your product to ensure good quality.
Privacy is important for us, we respect our customers wishes about sent information, intellectual property and neutral deliveries. Our made products can be delivered to final customer straight from our warehouse. All deliveries and production process can be followed up by reports, pictures, protocols, or other convenient ways.
Focusing on long term and transparent cooperation is our key of success. We are ready to share and exchange our experience with our partners. Ferro plus is your trustful partner in metalworking for project realization in Baltic region.